6 Best Programming Languages For Web Development

At the start of developing any web application, the language that developers choose is what will determine the success or failure of the build process. The best programming languages for a website or app are the core determinant of the functionalities of that application.

Programming languages are selected based on ease of use, efficiency, control and modeling power. For instance some developers will use a scripting language like Ruby on Rails for quick and easy object-oriented programming, while some will prefer languages like JavaScript, PHP and C# for universal integrations and acceptance. Below are the 6 best programming languages used for web application development today:


1. HTML5

Building a hybrid application for web and mobile devices? HTML5 is the language of choice for this type of project. It makes various data types simple to insert, and levels the browser playing field. HTML5 takes account of different screen sizes and is a good choice for responsive websites.

HTML5 is fast evolving and with frequent new modifications affecting the way browsers handle web applications built on this language. When it comes to simplicity and efficiency, HTML5 is built on the current version of HTML, making the learning curve faster for many seasoned developers.


2. Java

Java, JavaScript, and Enterprise Java Beans are all different languages that have the term “Java“. This is one scripting language that you will consistently find on mobile development builds. It is an object-oriented programming language and is one of the most regularly used languages in the world today.

As a compiled language that runs on a browser or on a virtual machine, it is flexible, and this means a great deal when it comes to updates and reusing code.


3. C++

If you need a universally accepted language that has been around for a long time, then look no further than C++. Popularly used on platforms like Android and Windows, C++ is the answer to your object-oriented dreams. This is one language that is versatile and can be used on virtually every platform that exists. C++ is not a trending or modern language, however, it is a useful language for many projects.


4. Objective-C & Swift

Apple created their own C++ version called Objective C. It is the main programming language on Apple and is a C-language that is visual, intuitive and interactive. It does many of the same things that C++ does, but has a number of features that deal with graphics and display functionalities.

In 2014, Apple launched Swift for the new breed of iOS developers. Swift replaced Objective-C and introduces powerful new features to the Apple platform, while maintaining interaction with both Objective-C and C. As part of Apples’ development language, it is fully integrated into all of their frameworks. Swift works perfectly with Objective-C; even though the former is slowly being phased out.

Swift was developed to eliminate the many security vulnerabilities that were possible with Objective-C. So if you plan on developing an iOS app, then Swift should be your starting point.


5. C#

Just like Objective-C, C# is an expansion of C for the windows platform. With the — slow —rise of Windows mobile applications, there’s no denying the need for a language that will do for Windows what Objective-C does for Apple.


6. PHP

Last but not least is the PHP scripting language. This is one of the best programming languages for creating dynamic and interactive web applications. PHP is a very popular language, with the ability to communicate back and forth with your server, creating dynamic web pages for users.

Picking the best language for your web application project can sometimes be confusing, but once you settle on a platform the language of choice will be the easy part. For example if you are looking to build a hybrid web application that is responsive for mobile devices, and that offers rich media for enhanced user experience, then HTML5 may be the right choice for your project.


If you need help choosing the best programming language for your next project, send us a message and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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