Benefits of a Customer Centric Web Design

Consumer psychology is influenced by factors like perception, information, attitudes, beliefs, and consumer research methods. These are all the customer centric web design elements that you must take into consideration when designing and developing your website. However, the most important one is what your consumers think of your brand.

A client centric web design question that website owners must ask is: what do consumers want? Knowing the answer to this question will help you influence consumer buying behavior.

Below is a great approach that can tilt buyer behavior in your favor and also produce the best website design overall.


Customer centric web design elements 

Customer centric web design


85% of consumers say color is the main reason they buy certain products.


Websites often use trending and simplistic web designs because some users base their overall opinion on design alone. Some users will abandon a website because they do not like the overall aesthetics.

The best website design should be interactive and simple to use, giving its users the best possible experience.


Graphics and videos

Websites should always use awesome graphics and videos to appeal to consumers visual sense.

Studies show that 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchasing decisions, and 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they see a video explaining the product before hand.

Giving a good visual display also says a great deal about your company and is an effective customer centric website design strategy.


Website functionality

Your websites should be user friendly and easy to use. Most shoppers will agree that the most important characteristic of a website is the ease of use.

These days, a high percentage of websites will be accessed via mobile devices. So you must ensure that your website is mobile friendly and inline with Google’s ‘Mobile First’ initiative.

Improving usability blends perfectly with many service level agreements, making this a MUST DO task for website owners who want a customer centric design.


Informational Pages

Also, adding descriptions and FAQs on product pages can increase conversions.

Consumers will be skeptical about adding products to their carts if they need more information about a product or website. A functional website will offer information about refunds, delivery policies and more to its shoppers and visitors.

A well-crafted ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’ page is very important when building brand credibility. It is a customer centric web design practice and one you must adopt.

Most successful websites combine the thrill of shopping and a great user experience to boost sales.


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