Choose A2 Hosting To Get The Best of Joomla

A2 Hosting Review

A2 hosting may not be as popular as BlueHost or SiteGround, but their servers boast of speeds that’s up to 20 times more. This is the kind of speed you need to get the best of Joomla.

But before hopping on the A2 Hosting train, there are some questions you should ask first…

• Is A2 hosting the best choice for my Joomla application? – Depends on the type of application.
• Is their customer service top notch, and will I get a quick response when I’m stuck? – Absolutely yes.
• If my business grows, is A2 hosting scalable? – Yes it is.
• Are there excess bandwidth charges? – Naturally.
• How packed are their shared servers? – No one really knows. It’s safer to choose the Turbo plan. So even if it”s packed, you’ll get value for your money.
• What is the average monthly uptime and how do they handle downtime? – Uptime is 99.5% which is great.
• Is there a trial period or a money back guarantee? – They offer a money back guarantee anytime.

The answers to these questions should reveal whether or not A2 can satisfy your Joomla hosting needs.

Will I Get The Best of Joomla From A2’s Shared Plans?

A2 has been in business since 2001. They first started out as Iniquinet, but changed their name to A2 in 2003.

They are known for providing blazing fast servers and offer great customer services with data centers in three locations: Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore.


Now you may be wondering how these services fit in with your website goals.

If you’re not, you should be.

Just because a hosting provider is perfect for “website A” doesn’t mean it’ll serve “website B’s” needs.

Most A2 hosting reviews will tell you how great their services are. But they leave out the most important information. Which is an analysis of the services and the types of applications that it will suit.

The right approach to choosing the best website hosting platform is by assessing your needs and weighing them against the features of the web host.

Don’t understand what I mean? No worries, let’s look at a typical example.

A basic WordPress blog vs Joomla application.

Joomla is a more extensible framework than WordPress.

It is more powerful on a fast server, while WordPress can work with the basic A2 Lite package but will consume a high server load if the website experiences high traffic.

Joomla is an MVC framework while WordPress uses many different functions which can cause a higher server load.

As you can see, A2’s fast speeds will serve your Joomla needs. Litespeed page caching is available on the Turbo package, so this is obviously the best choice for your Joomla website..


WordPress and Joomla can work on the Lite and Swift A2 hosting plans. But, if you experience high traffic on your WordPress website, you may have a white page or server error.

This simply means that you have exceeded your allowed bandwidth or resources.

As for Joomla, it will run best on the Turbo plan with Litespeed caching to bring out the best in this powerful framework.

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Shared Hosting Features

✓ Extremely fast SSD hosting & Railgun optimizer
✓ Constant security with free HackScan
✓ Multi-continent server locations
✓ Uptime is about 99.95%
✓ They offe a money back guarantee anytime
✓ The service is scalable (but at a higher price than average)
✓ Free Cloudflare CDN
✓ Free site migration
✓ Green web hosting to eco-friendly enthusiasts

Now that we know what A2 offers, let’s look at some use cases to determine if their services will be a perfect fit.

What Does A2 Shared Web Hosting Have to Offer?

A2 offers 3 services under their shared hosting plan: Lite, Swift, and Turbo.

The lite plan is the most basic service and is pegged at $3.92 monthly. This plan is limited, allowing just 1 website, 5 databases, cPanel access, a free SSL and SSD.

It is perfect for a new blog or business website that won’t take up too much server resources or bandwidth.

What does this mean to the average user?

Stay away from the Lite package if you don’t want slow speeds or server overload issues.

But if your website is as basic as they come, then you shouldn’t have a problem.

You are better off starting with the “Swift” plan at $4.90 monthly.

Swift allows unlimited websites and databases. You won’t get turbo speeds on this plan, but you’re sure to get a more reliable service.

The plan is ideal for a simple WordPress blog or basic HTML website with low traffic. It comes with cPanel access and an “Anytime money back guarantee” just like all the other plans.

But if you already have medium-high traffic, then you should do yourself a favor and opt for the Turbo plan (at $9.31).


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