How Affiliate Marketing Works

Whatever Internet business you are in, whether it’s affiliate marketing or any other online venture, traffic is the life blood of the industry. For affiliate marketers, simply knowing how affiliate marketing works is not enough. Without website visitors, there is no chance of selling products. For the Internet Marketer there are numerous strategies to acquire traffic. The source of visitors fall into two categories: paid traffic and free traffic.


Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is where the website owner pays a third party to provide people to visit his or her site. There are many places to buy traffic. One can buy it from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are also other sources like Facebook, AdBrite, and BuySellAds.

Obviously with paid traffic it costs money. To make it worth while, there is a need for a positive return on investment. Many of these companies also have rules as to the kind of sites they are willing to provide traffic.


Free Traffic

The second traffic generation strategy is free traffic. This is by far the best option, after all why spend money if it is possible for free? But to obtain organic traffic, it requires a lot more work.

You can receive traffic from search engines and the organic listings of search results. To receive significant traffic, it is important to reach the higher levels of the Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

For example if a user is searching for the keyword ‘baldness cure’, it is no good for the affiliates website to rank on the 8th page, the site will not receive any visitors. It is important to have presence on the first page to receive any decent traffic and is achieved by on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

On page SEO involves ensuring the web page on the site is geared towards the targeted keywords. With the web page targeting ‘baldness cure’ for example, it is important the page deals with the keyword. It is no good talking about ‘hair beauty tips’ for example. There are other factors like keyword density, it informs the search engine of the subject of the web page. Also on page SEO involves using the keyword in the title, the use of appropriate headings.

Off page SEO deals with promotion of the site in other parts of the World Wide Web sphere. By mentioning the website on other sites, it adds to the perceived popularity and the greater the number of backlinks to a site, the higher its popularity with rankings.

There are other free traffic systems too like Guest Posting, Article Marketing, Forum Promotion and Blog Commenting. The idea is that the readers from these sources will visit the site as a result of links to the affiliates site.

A website is present for a specific reason and normally that is for users to visit the site. Therefore when venturing into any kind of internet marketing activity, whether affiliate marketing or something else, traffic generation is a vital part of the equation.

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