How to Find High Quality Expired Domains

Knowing how to find high quality expired domains is a major concern for skilled SEOs. This is because an expired domain with link juice and traffic is a powerful tool to have in every SEO arsenal.

Digital marketers and domain flippers make money with expired domains because they know the right tools needed to find the valuable expired domains.

Here’s the deal…

Just choosing any aged or expired domain won’t cut it. Some domains have been spammed to death and are bad for business. To ensure that you hit the expired domain jackpot, the below metrics must be taken into consideration:

  • Domain Autority (DA)

Not all websites are made equally. Some are better than others while some are just plain spammy. Domain authority (DA) helps us identify the good, the bad and the average. It was created by SEOmoz and uses certain statistical metrics to create a score for each website. Since the elimination of Page Rank (PR) by Google, DA has been used to show how a domain ranks on Google.

  • Page Authority (PA)

Many people confuse DA with PA, but they are different metrics. While DA is a score for your entire website, PA measures a single page. Some pages on your website will be more valuable than others.

PA is used to measure the predictive ranking potential of a single web page. A typical PA score ranges from 1-100. The higher the score, the greater it is for the page to rank in the SERP.

  • Citation Flow (CF)

Citation flow is a metric used to measure how popular a URL is. CF does not take into consideration the quality of the link, just how many people link to it. For example, a porn site could have a high CF because it is popular, but this doesn’t mean that the links are quality links.

  • Trust Flow (TF)

Trust Flow is used to measure how trustworthy a website is. Unlike the CF score, TF analyzes the quality of your backlinks. If the links that point to your website are authoritative and from a quality referrer, then your trust flow will increase.

The above metrics are important to consider when domain hunting. Finding an aged domain that has expired or on back order is one thing, but buying one that has the right CF, TF, DA and PA score will give you a good chance of achieving online success faster than the competition.

The biggest challenge faced by many new online businesses is how to build organic traffic and increase brand awareness. But with if you find a high quality expired domain, then you’ll be strategically placed to grow your brand.

It’s really not hard to see why.

Time and a lot of hard work is required to get a steady stream of clicks from the SERPs. So when you come across a domain with some juice, it’s a blessing no marketer should pass up.

How Powerful Are Expired Domain Names?

Purchasing aged and expired domains has been one of the most reliable ways of dominating the SERPs for a long time now. By using this strategy, you’ll get an edge over your competitors with ease.

Most people use high authority domains to build fresh websites and get past the competition real quick. While some others simply sell the domain at a higher price and make a profit.

Some skilled marketers buy a bunch of these domains and use them to build a private blog network (PBN) which can be used for any SEO purpose.

PBNs are viewed by some as a Blackhat SEO strategy, so if you decide to use expired domains for this purpose, you’ll need to read my article on setting up the perfect ‘Whitehat PBN’ – I’ll update this link once the article is published.

When a domain is deleted, it loses any age it previously had so when you buy one, it’ll take some time for the domain to come out of “sandbox” mode.

The good news is that when it finally does, it’ll be just as powerful as any auction or back order domain.

So how can you find high authority expired domains without shelling out thousands of dollars?

By using certain tools known as domain crawlers or scrapers. My favorite crawler is called Domain Hunter Gatherer.

With Domain Hunter Gatherer, it’s easier to find valuable expired domains with ease. I can also see the history of these domains before buying the one I want and can also get valuable Web 2.0 accounts.

Find High Authority Expired Domains

Best 3 Tools to Help You Find High Quality Expired Domains

There are many tools available for people who want to find aged and expired domains. These tools can search thousands and even millions of domains while creating a list.

I’ve tried just about everything on the market, and I can say with confidence that the below three crawlers are my number one choices.

Domain Ronin
Domain Gatherer


1. Domain Ronin 

Ronin is an extremely fast domain crawler that uses a multi-threading technique which reduces total crawl time. What I particularly like about Domain Ronin is its variety of filters available. 

When you get a list of expired domains, filtering down to the essentials will help you narrow the list. This way, you can concentrate on verifying the domains that meet a criterion.

If you’ve ever used Moz or Majestic, then you’ll understand why Domain Ronin is on my list of top domain crawlers. It gathers data from both Moz and Majestic SEO and you can see merics like the domain authority (DA), trust flow (TF), citation flow (CF) and so on.

With Ronin, you can also verify the authenticity of the links that point to the expired domain name. Here’s what you get:

  • Metrics checker
  • SpamZilla
  • Embedded proxies
  • Crawler mode
  • Availability checker

Visit Domain Ronin here

domain ronin


PBN is not a product like the others, but a service. They do all the work for you by adding expired domain names to their database. This makes it easy for users to pick and choose what they want.

Pretty easy right?

The service is owned by Steve Rendell and Doug Stewart, the guys behind Domain Ronin. It is definitely one of the easiest ways to find high authority expired domains. 

Simply choose a category for the domain you want and PBN HQ displays it in a list. You’ll get all the important metrics just like all the other cralwers so you can make your choice easily.

What I especially love bout PBN is that once you sign up, the service is free. It is the perfect option for newbies who don’t want to do their own due dilligence or for light users who don’t want to pay monthly fees.

Once you subscribe, all you need to do is pay for your domains. Below is what you get with PBN HQ:

  • Ahrefs backlinks
  • Majestic links
  • Domain language
  • Category archives
  • Affordable service
  • EasyBlogNetwork (EBN) integration

My only gripe with the service is that you can’t see the domain names before buying. But I’ve come to realize one vital thing about expired domains: the URL has no bearing on whether the domain is good or bad. It’s the metrics that count.

Visit PBN HQ here



3. Domain Hunter Gatherer

Domain Hunter Gatherer is my number one choice. I am partial to this domain crawler because its helped me gather some valuable domains for my PBN Amazon Affiliate blog network.

The positive reviews on DHG are massive and seriously impressive. Once I purchased a subscription of Domain Hunter Gatherer, it was easy to see why.

DHG comes with some badass modules inbuilt:

  • Domain Auction Hunter
  • Web 2.0 Hunter
  • Expired Domain Hunter

One of the most valuable offerings of this crawler is the ‘Hunt from keywords’ feature. It lets you input certain keywords that fit your industry and the crawler does its magic. You’ll get a list of domains with many important metrics like Majestic trust flow, Moz domain authority, age, PR and more.


domain hunter gatherer

Domain Aution Hunter

For users who prefer domain auctions, this module will come in very handy. You’ll have unlimited use of the domain auction tool which gives you access to several popular domain auction sites all from your DHG dashboard.

Using the filters, you can narrow down to specific domains and save yourself a lot of time and hassles. The list includes GoDaddy domain auctions, Flippa, Snapnames, Bido, NameJet and more.

You can type your keyword and search for what’s available in these auction site. The result can be filtered and quality checked right from your dashboard.


Web 2.0 Hunter

Web 2.0 platforms are a marketers treasure chest. Yet, many people still haven’t caught on to the value of these assets. Domain Hunter Gatherer lets you search for web 2.0 accounts with a solid backlink profile. 

You can verify the links and also check out the social activity on the account. Web 2.0 hunter searches platforms like, Tumblr, Blogspot, Weebly,, HubPages and many more.


Expired Domain Miner

This was my main tool of interest. The expired domain miner is only available on the DHG professional plan. It is chock full of filters and lets you save your settings for another search.

With this tool, you’ll save thousands of dollars and make money with expired domains. There are 3 plans available—free, premium and professional.

I started out by trying the free plan of Domain Hunter gatherer and when I discovered how useful it was, I upgraded to the full package.

I’m sure by now that there’s no doubt in your mind that Domain Hunter Gatherer is my go to domain crawler. If you want to know how to find high authority expired domains with this tool, then give the free plan a spin.

A free DHG plan will help you get familiar with the crawler so that when you upgrade, you’ll already know how to find valuable expired domains.

Happy domain hunting!


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