Why Should I Outsource to a Photo Editing Service

Digital images have become a vital part of many online activities. They are important for brand value, documentation and when creating product images for e-commerce. Choosing the right digital photo editing service to suit your needs is where the problem lies.

When searching for the best service, you need to look at companies that satisfy your key criteria. There are many things to consider because most people will have varying needs.

Before you begin searching, you must assess your needs and decide what is most important. Below are some important factors to consider:



For many bulk buyers, experience in the business is a crucial requirement. Customer reviews will reveal knowledgeable and seasoned photo editing services. With experience, the provider can cater to your specific image manipulation needs.


Tools used

Image editing and manipulation is not child’s play and involves the use of several photo editing tools and software. A skilled editing technician should have a vast knowledge. Their knowledge should cover different tools so that they can produce better results.


Service quality

If very high quality is what you are looking for, then take a look at their previous works. Portfolios reveal a lot and will help you decide if the service is high-quality results. The photo editing company that you choose should offer a great quality for all types of projects.



Cost plays a major role in the decision to take up any service. People who are cash-strapped will value a service that is affordable. So the company should provide a high-quality service at affordable rates.

There are many other factors that should guide your decision. These include specialty, delivery timeline, and more. Choosing the right provider is the only way to take the guess work out of your decision. You want a company that produces high quality results and use a variety of software applications and techniques to deliver.


Which photo editing service should I choose?

As businesses hire professional image editing providers, some may not know the service that will be best for their needs. Most people just want professional editing to make their images suitable for advertising and marketing campaigns. But did you know that photo editing is a multi-dimensional field? It includes various services like:

• Background removal service
• Retouching service
• Color correction service
• Restoration and manipulation service
• Photo post-processing

photo editing services

Background removal services

Background removal can be done on all images and is also known as a clipping path service. Why get an image background removed? Many e-commerce businesses use this service to ensure that their products have a uniform background.

Background removal service is done with the main aim of taking off the real background of an image and replacing it with a new one.


Retouching service

Image retouching is the process of altering or transforming photos with the help of image editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom. It also involves the use of certain techniques to ensure that photos look better and more appealing after a retouch.

Photo retouching specialists carefully removes spots or blemishes from photos and correct colors to provide a professionally finished job. You should pick a provider that excels in an area where many do not.


Color correction service

In today’s online world, color is a fundamental aspect of design, marketing, and visual storytelling. A skillfully color corrected image will convey your message perfectly. It will also get the kind of response you want from your audience.

A skilled color correction service can help you adjust color tones, exposure, vibrancy and clarity. Color correction is time-consuming and painstaking work that sometimes may involve the tiniest pixel adjustments. So perfection is a must!


Restoration and manipulation service

Photo restoration and manipulation requires an extensive level of digital repair. Choose an expert with advanced techniques to restore almost any photo to its former glory. Even if it was damaged by water, light, pets, mold, or children, they should be able to restore and manipulate your images to a high quality.

Using the very latest imaging techniques, the team should offer a vast range of professional image manipulation services that will exceed your expectations.


Photo post-processing

Post-production will help you improve your turn-around time. While most photographers try to get it right when taking pictures, many times this is not the case. You need a professional to process your photos before any editing begins. This will help reduce final editing and will add the right amount of oomph to your images.


All businesses have different photo editing needs…

Photo editing in the UK will vary from photo editing services in Australia, US and Africa. This also applies to the different types of businesses and the clientele they cater for. For example, a modeling agency will have different needs from an eBay store.

Knowing what your needs are when it comes to image editing, retouching ot manipulation requires some experience and of course, a bit of research. Below are some of our regular customers and the types of service we deliver:


Amazon photo editing service

Amazon compliant product images can capture visitor’s attention and increase sale. As an Amazon seller, you may need:

• Background removal
• Product retouching
• Image resizing and cropping

Amazon photo editing service

Apparel photo editing service

You need comprehensive apparel photo editing for your e-commerce fashion business. Apparel photo editing services are commonly taken up by designers, fashion, magazines, and e-commerce businesses.

The services are wide-ranging and include:

• Background removal
• Image retouching
• Color correction
• Photo straightening
• Spots removal
• Manipulation of images
• Post-processing

Apparel photo editing service

Architectural photo editing service

It’s one thing to take real estate pictures, but it’s another to showcase them in the best light possible. An architectural photo editing service is a great choice for architects, real estate agents, property developers, interior decorators and contractors.

Anyone who want to capture the attention of prospective buyers with real estate products will benefit from these services.

• Digital Retouching
• Background removal
• Image manipulation
• Image cropping
• Photo straightening
• Spots removal
• Photo brightness

architectural photo editing service

Wedding photo editing service

Wedding photography doesn’t end when the big day is over. Photo processing is done before editing and is necessary to get the best results. Most event photographers outsource to professionals who can deliver quickly.

Professional editors provide services like:

• Post processing
• Color correction
• Retouching and image culling
• Photo editing
• Photo manipulation and much more

wedding photo editing service

An independent business review from Hellar Modeling Studios

These days, I see professional image editing as an inalienable part of my photography business. Caja Studios is my go-to photo editing partner. Even though it took me a lot of time to find them, my business is now running more smoothly thanks to their services.


My problem…

My name is Helen Bell. Like many entrepreneurs, I didn’t truly understand the value of outsourcing photo editing. My business, Hellar Studios has an in-house photographer and graphics team. We thought we had it all figured out graphics-wise.

And just when we thought graphics technology had reached its peak, we were forced to see the error of our ways. We widened the scope of our services to include portfolio designs, head shot editing and photo retouching.

The new service was launched with a giveaway offer and over a hundred new orders was received in a space of 24 hours. The business we received was not the challenge that we faced, it was the technology.

We couldn’t deliver as promised in the first 48 hours. This is because we received some photos that required the use of different and more advanced technology and techniques. Our team wasn’t trained to handle this new tasks and outsourcing was the logical solution.


The solution …

At first our service failure was disheartening for me. I had built the business from the ground up with trust as one of my main focus. Our customers trusted that we would deliver as promised and we knew we had failed. We had offered a money-back guarantee in 48 hours, so it was imperative to get help fast.

I scoured the internet desperately looking for a photo editing service. I wanted one that would deliver a high-quality job within a short time frame and found Caja.

Remember Hellar Studios is a business entity and needed a ROI. So, we came to a solid agreement with the XYZ which allowed us to make a profit and still deliver great results.

Since then, Caja’s services has been an indispensable part of our daily activities at the studio. We still maintain our graphics team for pre-processing work and also for our website etc. But when it comes to the service we provide our customers, we rely on the expertise, experience and affordability of Caja.


Our Worldwide Reach and Service Excellence!

Our services are wide-ranging and available to many businesses from around the world. We service the whole of Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Here is a snapshot of some of the countries we provide our service:


Photo editing services UK

In the UK, we provide stunning, affordable photos, as well as a range of professional photo editing services.

From England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, our customers come to us for image clipping, photo resizing, background removal, image retouching and much more. We work with e-commerce businesses, photographers, design agencies and other businesses.

Our photo editing service provides flawless results for digital and print applications all the time.


Photo editing services Singapore

Singapore is known for its amazing beauty. The people of this picturesque country want high-quality photo editing service to showcase their brands.

We offer a fast, reliable image editing and processing service, backed by a 100% no-quibble guarantee to our customers. Our clients are confident when choosing our services because our photo editing experts are committed to delivering the highest standards on every job.

No matter the type of service required, whether it’s a studio job or photos that show off the vast greenery of Singapore, we always deliver a quality job on time. We’ll help you achieve the best possible results. Our easy-to-use upload tool makes sending us your photo from far away Asia easy.

If you have any questions, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


Photo editing services Australia and the rest of the world

Some say that Australia is at the end of the world. Well, if this is true then we are proud to say that we have touched lives as far away as Australia.

Our photo editing services are available to people in Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales, Northern territory, New Zealand and many more. Our cost-effective service is available to busy photographers and business people.

Australia offers many unique scenery that can only be appreciated when caught on camera. But how do you show off images of leaping kangaroos or the diverse landscape with many scenic panoramas? The most spectacular photographs of the outback were professionally edited. So if you want your images to stand out, you will need a photo editing service partner like Caja.

We are available online so that people from all over the world can order them through our quick order system. Simply sign up, choose the service you require, make a payment and you’re done.

The ordering system is simple and can be done in only a few minutes. Depending on the complexity of your job, we guarantee delivery within the agreed time frame.



Photo editing is easy for many professional photographers, but hard for some, and this is because the task of editing pictures can be extremely stressful and time-consuming.

We don’t rush a job because careful editing is the only way to get a great result and a professional photo editing service will help solve this problem.

You want to choose an experienced service that will:

• Boost your brand value;
• Produce excellent results and;
• Use new and trending graphics technology.

It’s simple, the benefits of outsourcing your photo editing tasks far outweighs the risk of handling it in-house. For more information or to get a quote, click here to contact Caja.

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