Social Media Scheduling Tools For Social Media Campaigns

Most small business owners don’t have deep pockets when it comes to managing their social accounts.

Unlike larger companies, small business owners cannot always afford to hire social media managers or industry experts to manage and run their social media campaigns.

So they make a very common mistake. They manage their business accounts just like their personal accounts.

Creating and managing your personal social media presence is not the same as promoting a corporate social image online.

With a personal account, you can post updates when you choose, without a campaign strategy.

Convenient right?

But this isn’t the same for a corporate social media account that requires constantly posting content; which most of us don’t have the time to do.

Tools for Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

As a small business owner, regular and fresh content is what will get you the attention you need.

Even though the online social sphere might feel like a never-ending party, know that attendance alone is insufficient.

Seriously, you must change your mindset to have a chance at succeeding in social communities these days.

There are some tools that can change the way you engage your readers and these tools will also help you stay consistent.

Yep! They’ll help ease the work by automating your scheduling tasks.

Check out the below free tools available online to automate your content delivery on social media.



With more than 15 million users, Hootsuite is the most used tool for scheduling social media posts.

It’s also the most preferred because it helps you schedule your content across multiple social media networks, as well as blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

It can also be used to monitor your networks and track Mentions, Hashtags, and much more.


Fast on the heels of Hootsuite is Buffer.

This is another great tool used by many social media experts in managing multiple social accounts.

Buffer is a fantastic content publishing platform, which helps simplify content scheduling to multiple social networks.

If your business focuses on a single platform, then you can check out the features for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Scheduling

Using this inbuilt feature is a fast way of getting posts scheduled on Facebook.

It’s so easy…

Just create a new post and instead of publishing, click on the calendar icon to schedule. Select a date and time to publish your post.

It’s really that simple.

Twitter Scheduling

Twitter also offers automation for its advertising users. The process is almost the same as Facebook’s scheduled posts, but only available for business users.

For most startups, the best way to leverage the power of social media is to run effective campaigns, engage readers and build a trust base for conversions.

Social media users will trust a company that delivers valuable information regularly because this invariably means that the company will be available if any service issues arise.


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