Top 7 Web Development Communities

Developers are passionate about the applications they build, and they understand that support is important for quick fixes and new bugs. Most new developers are born from web development communities.

These communities help existing and aspiring developers observe and ask questions about new scripting languages, plugins, bugs and much more. In these communities, experienced developers share knowledge and sometimes banter can go from serious to playful. Check out these top 7 online web development communities:


1. Stack Overflow

If you are a serious developer, then Stack Overflow is the place to be. Stack Overflow is the go-to website for developers who have issues with their code. Do you have a code related question? post it on Stack Overflow and someone will reply within 30 minutes.

The website has over four million users, so there is always someone available to answer your questions. Users receive “badges” for helpful answers, while some others are suspended for abusive and non-productive behavior.  Developers with high reputations can vote, comment and edit comments of other users.


2. GitHub

GitHub is the number one community for code sharing . It is at the heart of many innovative open source code development today. Users build code repositories for their projects and share them with others. The collaborative environment of GitHub makes the site very useful for “forking” code.

GitHub is not a ‘social community’, but it makes project tracking simple and convenient. New releases, patches, and bugs can also be tracked from start to finish. Users can also follow specific developers to see what they’re up to.


3. Code Project

The resources on Code Project are a treasure island for developers that want to improve their skills. They can network more effectively in a community that share their passions. Code Project is a cool web community that promotes excellence in web development. Users upload articles and code samples, and when they receive enough positive feedback, they can unlock other exciting features. Whether you are an active poster or not, there are a lot of benefits in this community.


4. Freenode

This is one of the strongest web development communities maintained through IRC. Freenode is dedicated to offering free, open source development projects. With over 60,000 active members, questions and answers are vast. To access the Freenode community, you’ll need an IRC client to tap into the many channels on the Freenode website.


5. Microsoft Developer Network

This list is incomplete without mentioning the Microsoft community. The content in this community is not only from Microsoft developers. That is why you’ll get a variety of opinions, suggestions and styles in the community. With both experienced and newbie developers, this network is filled with many useful resources.


6. Digital Point

This community is one of the largest webmaster forums in the world. On Digital Point, you will find discussions on different topics. SEOs, business & marketing, design, development and content management systems. Developers, freelancers and website owners can benefit from the resources here. They also have a large collection of marketing tools and free support that can help grow your web activities.


7. HOWDesign

Showcase your work on HOWDesign forums for free. For developers and web design firms, this is an awesome place to get constructive feedback from other professionals in the industry. If you are looking for answers, there is an active support section. You can get answers to your questions and find a lot of useful tips on HowDesign.

Web development communities are not only found online. There are many offline communities that can offer useful resources. These communities are a networking treasure trove for developers and web applications owners.

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